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"Art is an enriching experience that has no beginning or end. Finding the aesthetic aspect in daily life, I found my passion for art. My works come from personal experiences, in which I become a deep observer to capture detail to be able to convey my perception. Today‚Äôs world, full of emerging trends, is my inspiration to express feelings and sensations into visual works."

My vision is governed by the principles of freedom and evolution of thought. The female body, with its interesting figure and sensuality, allows me to share emotions emerged from the current concepts of beauty and aesthetics. Convinced that the eye is capable of seeing much more than shapes, I mix materials with my emotions to convey the everything- all in one piece.

Mixed media is a constant technique in my creations. In it I find a chance to potentiate my works because it multiplies the possibilities when I freely combine traditional methods with digital tools. Although mixed media also allows me to represent judiciously contemporary society, I'm not limited to any technique.

I have held many exhibitions in my hometown. In summer 2010 I won the International Poster Contest for the Mexican Bicentenary. Then I studied in London School of Arts, Central Saint Martins, where I developed a personal style migrating to new ways of expression. After studying in London art direction, painting and advertising diplomas, I returned to Mexico and participated in the  international project "Play With Me". Currently I continue displaying my work in solo and group exhibitions. My works are made with particular mixed media techniques, usually on canvas. Some of these objects contain annexed objects as part of the composition. 


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