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"Art is an enriching experience that has no beginning or end. Finding the aesthetic aspect in daily life, I found my passion for art. Humans as an spiritual beeings are my inspiration to express feelings, processes and sensations into visual works."

About the Artist:


Paola Estrella's mixed media works combine a realistic style with broad painterly strokes and varied textures to create images that appear mystical and modern. Text, musical notation, and pieces of thread travel over canvases, collecting in areas of clarity while elsewhere bursting into abstract movement. Each piece incorporates not just form and color but also the legible emotion of the artist in energetic brush strokes and mixed media elements. The many tangible components included in Estrella’s works open up possibilities for both execution of each piece and symbolic interpretation, bringing real physical properties into each image. Morphing images phase in and out of figuration, suggesting a spiritual, ethereal ambiguity in each painting. The expressive capabilities of the human body as it interacts with music and dance play off of portraits, as the artist’s own creative potential is clearly visible. 


Paola Estrella currently lives and works in México City. Estrella emphasizes personal liberty and acknowledgement of self through works that both depict people in the middle of creative acts and honestly convey questions of human image.


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